Three Finnish artists to Folkelarm

Folkelarm is Scandinavia’s largest meeting point for professionals in folk music and dance. Folkelarm started in 2005, and will this year celebrate its 10th event on 24th – September 26th at Riksscenen in Oslo, Norway. With approximately 40 showcases, a diversified seminar program, dance performances and folk dance parties, Folkelarm have paved the way for three days packed with musical experiences and academic input quality. Folkelarm will be a colorful, challenging and educational event.

Three artists from Finland will be performing in the showcases at Folkelarm: Aallotar (Teija Niku & Sara Pajunen), Jouko Kyhälä & Filip Jers and Piia Kleemola. Other artists that Sirpa and Riitta are representing are Esko Järvelä Epic Male Band, Ilkka Heinonen Trio, Mimmit, Shava, SO III and Värttinä.  In addition Riitta Huttunen and Sirpa Lahti will have a seminar talk ”How to attend to the Finnish market?

All Folkelarm showcase artists 2015:
Furebotten & Buljo SIIDA (N) / Aallotar (Fi) / Diom de Kossa & Touba Orchestra (N) / Eli Storbekken (N) / Jouko Kyhälä & Filip Jers (Fi) / Kvedarkvintetten (N) / Hazelius Hedin (S) / Skau (N) / Camilla Granlien (N) / Basco (Dk) / Gro Marie Svidal (N) / Mari Midli (N) / Duo Jansen/Jüssi (N) / ComboNations (N) / Lendmenn (N) / Silje Onstad Hålien: 101 hattar å sparke før eg døyr (N) / Skenet (S) / Monoswezi (N/Zi) / SVER (N) / V A S S V I K (N) / ÁRA (S) / Lukkif (Dk) / Kartellet: DoPPler (N) / Mattis Kleppen (N), / Piia Kleemola (Fi) / Ulf-Arne Johannessen (N)

The Nordic in Focus – launching NordicFolkFolk music and dance tradition in the The Nordic countries have close ties, and Nordic Folk musicians are cooperating well on an artistic level. Now it’s time to take the cooperation a step further and work to make each other better. On Folkelarm 2015, we facilitate for the expertise and experience to be exchanged and developed across the Nordic borders. We will have both formal and informal meeting places for the Norwegian and Nordic delegates, and last but not least, we are launching a joint Nordic brand, NordicFolk.

«A united Nordic focus on exporting folk music, will make us able to create something great. If we establish a solid Nordic highway into the world, folk music can become one of the most important music export goods in the Nordic countries.» – Says Project Manager for Folkelarm 2015 Sigurd Reinton

Folkelarm contact in Finland 2015:
Riitta Huttunen,, +358 50 355 1036
Sirpa Lahti,, +358 40 738 4736

Project manager:
Sigurd Reinton, Folkelarm 2015, +47 982 563 91

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