A new and refreshing take on acoustic music for children – and parents – with charming animations

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Womex 2015: meet the representatives Riitta & Sirpa at the Finnish stand 2.08

Mimmit (“Chicks”) is an exciting duo of two sisters  coming from a small village called Rääkkylä near the Russian border in eastern Finland. Mimmit are full of song and dance and inevitably put any audience in a good spirits!

Mimmit on stage is an exciting experience with music, dance, exotic instruments and visual elements.The Finnish language is not a problem for non-Finns,  and the young-at-heart with mythological undertones! the spirit of the music exhilarates everyone! Also the background graphics lead audience to a mystical fairy tale world.

Mimmit  Music School

The lively Mimmit Music School is a place where children can sing, play various instruments, dance, have fun with rhythms, learn the basics of music theory and enjoy musical adventures. The program has a strong emphasis on pedagogy but all learning happens while playing and having fun. The participants are enthusiastic kindergarten aged children and band of top musicians in addition to Mimmit.

Children’s music school is a Finnish invention. Finlands biggest childrens´ channel did premier with the first season of 20 episodes. The series is easily scripted to fit a slot between 20 to 30 minutes. In addition  of the Music School tv-program there are Mimmit live shows in Finnish and in English available.



Womex 2015 representatives:
Riitta Huttunen, riitta@maetka.fi, +358 50 355 1036
Sirpa Lahti, sirpa@maetka.fi, +358 40 7384 736