Riitta Huttunen

Riitta is a top-level sales professional who has managed to sell Finnish Kantele Association memberships to accordionists and Japanese alike! Riitta enjoys all kinds of human encounters. She has got long and diverse experience in music industry organisations, educational institutions, record labels and varied projects. Riitta’s strength and passion lies in sales and networking. She has graduated from the Folk Music Department at The Sibelius Academy, with the kantele as her main instrument. Her background as a musician has given Riitta a sound understanding of festivals, concert halls (both large and small) and touring – invaluable experiences that she now uses when supporting other musicians.

Sirpa Lahti

Sirpa is an experienced and talented events organiser and producer who has graduated from the Arts Management Master’s programme at The Sibelius Academy. Sirpa’s strength lies in managing large entities, and she enjoys turning chaos into control and juggling several things at the same. Her big passion is organising events. She has been involved in for instance the Haapavesi Folk Music Festival, which she has successfully fronted for several years. Sirpa’s vision is to make culture available to as many people in Finland as possible, and she also gets a lot of joy and satisfaction from knowing that her actions can employ other musicians and artists. Sirpa has been engaging with the music industry from a number of perspectives. She originally graduated as accordionist and music pedagogue, and her roots are in folk music.

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Kaisa Pudas, producer

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