We provide agency services for selected partners. The collaboration can be either project-based or long-term.

International Development

We support artists at different stages of their careers in reaching international audiences. We also have experience in securing funds for international projects within the broader culture field. Set up a meeting and come and discuss your international goals with us.


We are experienced and inspiring educators. We provide training packages of different lengths in for instance public relations, marketing, sales, career planning and music management.

Sales and Marketing

We provide a variety of services to suit your sales and marketing needs. These range from supporting you to reach out to potential clients, set up meetings and develop your sales and marketing approach, to providing a comprehensive sales and marketing campaign, taking on the full responsibility for these activities.


We offer event organisers support in planning and carrying out publicity campaigns. The extent of the collaboration can vary from delivering individual press releases to designing and carrying out extensive publicity plans. Our special know-how lies in social media communication (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

Production and Project Services

We support artists and companies in concert, tour and event productions. Depending on your needs, we can provide our expertise on a consultancy basis, or manage the whole production from start to finish. Our expertise comes with an extensive network of professionals from different fields. We have experience in producing festivals and websites, and of managing a number of projects aiming to increase internationalisation.

Coaching and Mentoring

Riitta is about to secure a We Create coaching degree. As a couch, she supports you to find your strengths and to achieve the goals you’ve set up for yourself. A coaching session can, for instance, provide support in processing thoughts and finding new directions.