Current news from the Finnish folk artists: Ánnámáret, Maija Kauhanen, Pekko Käppi

This is a newsletter edited by Maetka (Marjatta & Kaisa Ltd), which gives a brief update on the latest news from interesting internationally successful folk/world music artists from Finland. The artists are Ánnámáret, Maija Kauhanen and Pekko Käppi. In the hands of these artists, tradition becomes a modern expression.

The newsletter will be sent out three times during spring 2024 with the aim of raising media awareness of these unique artists.


Ánnámáret – Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman, is a musician and a yoiker who belongs to the Arctic indigenous people Sámi. Her unique voice and yoik interpretation are directly descended from the nomadic culture of her ancestors, the Reindeer Sámi.

Ánnámáret’s Bálvvosbáiki (worship site) concert will premiere on 30.5.2024 at 19:00 in the Music Hall Helsinki. The concert can also be viewed remotely via the University of the Arts’ YouTube channel (7 pm, Helsinki time UTC+3).  Bálvvosbáiki is a concert with the North Sami yokes, electronic music, yoiks and video art. Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman’s compositions reflect on how the Sámi world view is expressed in this time. The concert has been jointly created by a multi-artistic working group in which Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman is joined by Turkka Inkilä – electronics, Ilkka Heinonen – the Carelian bowed lyre, jouhikko and Marja Viitahuhta – video art. The concert is the second artistic part of Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman’s artistic doctoral studies at the University of the Arts Helsinki Sibelius Academy. 

Bálvvosbáik’s music will be released as an album in August 2024.  Single and video Njáhcu (Warm winters) being released on Thursday 30 May 2024.

The Kone Foundationthe Arts Promotion CentreAvek and the Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos have supported the production of Bálvvosbáiki.

Recently selected as European Museum of the Yearthe Balvvosbaiki exhibition of videos by Ánnámáret and Marja Viitahuhda opened in Siida on 24 May 2024. The musicians Turkka Inkilä and Ilkka Heinonen will also participate in the collaboration. The exhibition will be on display in Siida until 29th September 2024. 

Ánnámáret can be heard in the summer at the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival 11.-12.7.2024. 

Ánnámáret had a studio session in April with the album “Luođit”, produced by Sami Zimmermann. The album will include character songs (i.e. yoiks) in traditional and modernised versions.  The album will be released in 2025 and the project is funded by the Saami Council and the Sámi Parliament in Finland.

Maija Kauhanen

Maija Kauhanen is an award-winning kantele player, singer-songwriter, folk musician, in whose hands you can hear at the same time the wildest kantele, the loudest vocal expression and an arsenal of dozens of percussion instruments from cymbals to bells, bowls and various vessels. The result is a fusion of experimental soundscapes from different eras, techniques and styles, creating a raucous spectacle that captivates audiences everywhere. Maija’s music has its roots in Finnish-Ugric folk music, but her compositions have their own identifiable rich style, which includes influences from indie pop and film music, among others, in addition to folk music. Kauhanen received the Nordic Council Music Prize of around €40 000 in Oslo in October 2023. 

Maija Kauhanen is working on a multi-art installation and solo concert. In the project, Maija collaborates with an instrument maker and a light artist to develop plexiglass kanteles, combining them with light art. In collaboration with costume designer/stage designer Tinja Salmi, she will also create motorised performance costumes and a spectacular stage set. The first version of the project will be seen in autumn 2024 and new costumes designed in collaboration will be seen at the summer shows.

During the spring, Maija has been composing new solo music and working on a duo album with Swedish award-winning hurdygurdy player Johannes Gewerkian Hellman (SWE). New music from the collaboration album will be released in autumn 2024. 

Summer 2024 gigs:

8.6. Maija Kauhanen, Annikki poetry festival, Tampere
12.6. Maija Kauhanen, Helsinki-day, Maunula-house, Helsinki
28.6. Maija Kauhanen & Johannes Geworkian Hellman, Haapavesi Folk, Haapavesi
29.6. Maija Kauhanen, Provinssi, Seinäjoki
6.7. Maija Kauhanen & Johannes Geworkian Hellman, Førde Festival, Norja
27.7. Maija Kauhanen, Siilifolk, Siilinjärvi
1.8. Okra Playground, Urkult, Ruotsi
2.8. Maija Kauhanen, Urkult, Ruotsi
3.8. Okra Playground, HyttDreva, Ruotsi
10.8. Maija Kauhanen & Hugh Sheehan, Flow Festival
26.8. Maija Kauhanen, Huvila-teltta, Helsinki Festival

Pekko Käppi

Pekko Käppi is a Tampere-based folk artist who works as a musician, composer, producer and PhD researcher specialising in folk song traditions. His band Pekko Käppi & K.H.H.L., which has released five albums, has been nominated for Teosto and Emma awards, among others. Their latest album “Credo” was nominated in the 2024 Etno of the Year category. Käppi’s music can be heard on albums by dozens of artists (including Tuomo & Markus, Amorphis, Asa, Lau Nau, Risto, Pate Mustajärvi, Von Hertzen Brothers, Laura Moisio). Käppi has also played in several film and TV productions. 

Pekko Käppi is one of the four songwriters of the Tampere-based supergroup Ne Lintuizet. The line-up consists of following songwriters; Pekko Käppi, Kielo Kärkkäinen, Laura Moisio and Lauri Myllymäki. The band updates polyphonic folk into the world of the 2020s. Founded in 2024, the ensemble’s unadorned and delicate collaborations joyfully combine golden-age American folk, Finnish folk song traditions and nueva canción. The quartet performs both new music and new interpretations of each songwriter’s production.

The members of the band share a love of vital and dynamic songwriting music, but each has approached “folk” from a slightly different angle. Pekko Käppi has creatively fused folk song traditions with both psychedelic rock and world music. Kielo Kärkkäinen’s songs combine folk and jazz with poetic lyrics. Laura Moision’s production has echoes of more modern indie folk, while Lauri Myllymäki (Ochre Room, Bone Moon) has drawn on American songwriting from the 1960s and 70s. The clash brings out new and surprising sides of each artist.

Lintuizet fall 2024 tour

9.11. Seinäjoki, Kalevan Navetta
13.11. Helsinki, G Livelab
14.11. Tampere, G Livelab
22.11. Oulu, Tuba
23.11. Jyväskylä, Vakiopaine
28.11. Espoo, Sellosali  
More to come!

Pekko solo and PKKHHL gigs summer 2024:

6.6. “Taavi Uutela’s old and new singing style”, a lecture at the Folk Music Institute’s anniversary seminar, KTK, Kaustinen
14.6.    PKKHHL @ Pub Armo, Tampere
15.6. PKKHHL @ Sideways, Helsinki
29.6. PKKHHL @ Haapavesi Folk, Haapavesi      
1.7.  soolo @ Männikkölän pirtti, Nurmes
3.7.  Theatre project: Ilman miehen yhteyttä – 3000 vuotta suomalaista runoutta (Without a man’s connection – 3000 years of Finnish poetry) @ Kajaanin runoviikko
3.7.  soolo @ Murtovaaran Museo, Valtimo
4.7.  soolo @ Mätäsvaaran kaivos, Lieksa
5.7.  PKKHHL @ Ilovaari, Joensuu
27.7. soolo @ Koiramäen Viinitapahtuma, Särkänniemi
4.8. PKKHHL @ Dranouter, Belgia
15.8. PKKHHL @ Etno-Espa, Helsinki
30.8. PKKHHL @ Telakka, Tampere

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