We provide agency services for selected partners. We don’t seek artists to our long-term roster at the moment, but can do project-based co-operation.

For more information, please see the Projects page.

“Riitta Huttunen has worked as Mimmit’s agent since 2010 and I am very pleased with our collaboration”. Pauliina Lerche, Mimmit Music Ltd

Booking Agent:

Project-based Artist Bookings:
Aallotar, Folkelarm & Womex 2015
Esko Järvelä Epic Male Band, Womex 2015
Ilkka Heinonen Trio, tour in 2015 & Womex 2015
Jouko Kyhälä & Filip Jers, Folkelarm & Womex 2015
Mimmit, WOMEX 2015
Piia Kleemola, Folkelarm & Womex 2015
Shava, Womex 2015
SO III, Womex 2015
Värttinä, Womex 2015

Contact: Riitta Huttunen and Sirpa Lahti